Answers to common questions

Finding your tire size

Most vehicles have a small tag located in the driver door jamb, This will tell you the factory tire size, along with information about the tire pressure.

How much

We of all people know that repairing a vehicle can be pricey, With that being said in order to accurately estimate repairs, we need you to bring the vehicle into our facility for an inspection. It also gives you a chance to meet us and get a feel for our professionalism and expertise. To schedule appointment just call 419-576-5059

Can I bring my own parts

We provide a warranty on parts and labor for a certain time frame. If a part fails during this warranty period, you may bring it back to us and we will change the part, and the manufacturer pays us the labor to change it. We do not install parts that customer's supply.

What is your warranty

We have several different lengths of warranty, The highest being 3 years, 36,000 Miles. You will receive the highest quality of parts and labor guarantee available.

Have more questions?

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